Richard Woodford Sr.
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Portrayed by
Episode count
Also known as
Woody (son)
Barbara (wife)
Lisa (granddaughter)
Jimmy (grandson)

Richard Woodford Sr. is a supporting character in the television series of This Is England. He is portrayed by Steve Brody.


An original 60s mod, he used to be called the 'Ripper', now he wears jumpers at weekends and has grown a moustache.

Character HistoryEdit


Richard is first seen as Woody looks at the image of his father as a Mod. He then comes down the stairs and asks for a soft boiled egg from his Wife, Barbara. He is then seem later at the wedding.


Richard takes a more frequent role in '88, as he and his wife are looking after their son, after the split from the group after Lol and Milky's child is born. He is seen usually in the house, wearing christmas jumpers and eating dinner at the table.


After downsizing to a new bungalow, Richard and his wife surprise Woody and Lol with a visit from Mr Squires. He is also seen looking after his grandchildren and then shutting the door on Milky, apparently still holding a grudge after what he did to their son.

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